Namola Help Guide


How is Namola Free?

The free version of Namola makes use of various public responders as well as our extensive network of Namola Watch responders from more than 1000 local safety initiatives across South Africa. We have also, however, extended our services to give our users further peace of mind and introduced Namola Plus. With Namola Plus, our users still get the same Namola experience as always, but for a small monthly fee, users can now have the benefits of Armed Response and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS). (And remember, these paid-for upgrades are purely optional for those who want additional peace-of-mind from Private Security and Private Ambulance and who can afford it. You’ll always be able to use Namola for free if you can’t.)

Is Namola available across South Africa?

Namola is available nationally across South Africa. Wherever you are, and as long as you can connect to a mobile operating network and have a minimal amount of data, Namola can get you help. Whilst Namola cannot guarantee public emergency responder assistance, each call is personally handled by one of our Namola Response Centre Operators. They will hold your hand through your emergency and do everything in their power to get you help fast. Innovative technology helps Namola Response Centre Operators find the nearest and best suited emergency responder for your emergency.

What is Namola?

Namola is a mobile safety app that allows South African citizens to #GetHelpFast in emergency situations. Namola is available as a free app where users can request assistance from public emergency services, such as the South African Police Services (SAPS), Metro Police, Fire & Rescue, and Ambulance. Namola now also offers Namola Plus, where our users still get the same Namola experience as always, but now with the added benefits of Armed Response and Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

I didn’t receive my One Time Pin?

If you do not receive a SMS, please request a call back. Also, entering the code incorrectly on five different occasions will block your account. If this happens, please send an email to

How do I request assistance on the Namola App?

  • Go to into your Namola App
  • Press and hold the “Request Assistance” bar until the blue bar becomes red.

I can see the World Map but I cannot see the Request Assistance button?

Please ensure that mobile data and location settings are enabled. The Namola App also requires that there be viable cell phone reception and a small amount of data on your phone.

If I fill in my personal information, will my information be sent to third parties and will I get a million spam calls?

NEVER, EVER, will we EVER give your private information to third parties.

Why does Namola ask me to fill in additional emergency information?

To ensure that we have access to relevant and helpful information in the case of a real incident and can therefore get you the fastest help possible with the correct information in your emergency. If you fill in this information, the operator will not have to ask you unnecessary questions.

I don’t want my emergency information falling into the wrong hands?

The information provided is both secure and encrypted. Your emergency information is only available to the operator when you request assistance and only for the period that your incident is open.

How do I change my sign-up information on Namola?

1. Open the Namola App

2. Tap on the Profile tab

3. Select your name and mobile number.

4. Once you have done so, you may update your first name, last name, email address, and mobile number. You can also add a “profile picture”. Adding a profile picture assists first responders in identifying you in an emergency.

Please note that once this information has been amended, you must use the new email address and mobile number to sign into Namola, particularly if it is installed on another device.

My phone blocks “spam numbers”/I don't answer unknown numbers.

Namola will call from two numbers: 087 094 1396 or 060 065 9407. You can add these to your phone’s contacts if you want to identify calls from Namola.

Why does it sometimes take a long time for public responders to arrive?

It’s important to understand that Namola is not responding to the incident itself. Requesting Assistance through Namola is the simplest and fastest way to get help fast in any emergency. The Namola Response Centre Operators co-ordinate emergency services on your behalf, which includes public service providers as well as community safety initiatives like neighbourhood watches, who can assist users in their local communities.

Namola will only close an incident when you have the help that you need. Namola is here to make emergency responders accountable for attending to emergencies, and to hold your hand until help arrives.

Can I use Namola to Request Assistance for someone else?

Absolutely! As long as you know the location of the person in need of assistance, you can request help on their behalf. Just be sure to notify the Response Centre Operator that you are requesting assistance for another party.

How is Namola different from other communication safety groups?

We love that South Africans use communication tools like WhatsApp groups and CPF radio networks to keep their communities safe and we encourage everybody to join such groups.

Namola makes it super simple to request assistance at the touch of a button. This is especially important when you’re not near the area covered by your local group, such as when you’re commuting to work. We spend a lot of time away from home, and it can be difficult to figure out where to get help. Namola makes that simple. It works everywhere and all the time.

If your local community signs up to receive Namola Watch alerts, they can still help co-ordinate the response using existing WhatsApp groups or radio networks. This way, Namola and initiatives that are already in place complement each other: Use Namola to request assistance, and the local community responders will be notified and can co-ordinate through existing channels.

Why does Namola require location permissions?

Namola only uses your location in emergency situations. This means that we can locate you in an emergency so that you do not have to waste time telling us where you are. The rest of the time, we’re not locating or tracking you. Also, enabled location permissions allow your friends and family the ability to track your live location and request assistance on your behalf.

What other permissions does Namola require?

  • Permission to send push notifications. This is to allow you to receive messages with updates from the Response Centre during an incident. Additionally, push notifications are used to alert you of emergencies from your emergency contacts.
  • Permission to access your camera or photo gallery. This is in order to update your profile picture (so that responders can visually identify you when arriving on scene). We never access photos or camera except when you choose to take or pick a new profile picture.
  • Permission to access your contacts. In order to select and invite your emergency contacts, we require access to your contacts. We will never use it for any other purpose than managing or inviting your selected emergency contacts.

Will Namola drain my phone’s battery?

If you are making use of the Namola Track Feature (i.e. sharing your live-location with your loved ones) it uses a little bit of battery and a very small amount of data in the background. We strongly suggest however, that you do not log out of Namola while you’re not using the app. This will not only prevent you from sharing your live-location with your loved ones (and visa versa), but it will make requesting assistance in an emergency much more time-consuming, as you will need to log in first.

Will Namola use all of my data and airtime?

Namola uses a small amount of data when you open the app and request assistance. It will also use a small amount of data and battery power if you are sharing your live-location with your loved ones in the Track Feature. We strongly suggest that you do not log out of Namola while you’re not using the app. You need to be logged in to request assistance and you want to get to that function as quickly as possible in an emergency. If you log out of the Namola app, you will also no longer be able to see your loved ones location (and visa versa).

If you do run out of data, Namola will let you place a free call to 112 to request assistance.

If I don’t force close my Namola App will it use all my data?

Namola only uses a very small amount of data when you request assistance or if you are making use of the Track feature and sharing your live location with your loved ones. Switching your data off will mean that you will not be able to use Namola if you have an emergency, nor will you be able to share your live-location with your loved ones.

If I don’t force close my Namola App Will it drain my battery?

No it will not. Namola will only use a small amount of battery when you request assistance through the app and if you are making use of the Track Feature and sharing your live-location with your loved ones. Force closing Namola will mean that it will take a couple of seconds more to open. In an emergency those seconds are very valuable.

Why should I keep my location settings on permanently for Namola?

Namola will not work if your location settings are not on, which means if you have an emergency you will need to go into your settings and switch on your location settings before you can request assistance through Namola. This will take you time. Time that you may not have in an emergency, which is why we encourage you to keep your location settings on permanently.

Does switching on my location permanently for Namola use my data?

No. You will only use a small amount of data when Namola is open and you are using it to Request Assistance. If Namola is running in the background (i.e. it has not been forced closed), you will still not incur any data costs.

Does leaving my location on permanently drain my battery?

The way Namola uses locations also has virtually no impact on your battery life.

Can you find my phone if it is stolen and my location is on?

No. We will only be able to locate you when you request assistance through Namola. If your Namola App is not open and you have not held down the “Request Assistance” button, we will not be able to locate you.

Will people be able to hack my phone if my location is on permanently?

No. Just as we are not able to locate your stolen phone, people will not be able to hack your smartphone if you leave your location settings on permanently. We can only find you through your GPS coordinates when you request assistance through Namola.

If my location settings are on but I do not have data will you be able to assist me in an emergency?

You will need a small amount of data to be able to request assistance from Namola, even if your location settings are on. However, if you do not have data, you will be directed to one of the free National emergency numbers such as 10111 or 112.

If I leave my location settings on, will people be able to track my phone?

No. We will only be able to locate you when you request assistance through Namola. If your Namola App is not open and you have not held down the “Request Assistance” button, no one, not even Namola, will be able to locate you.

My location pin is not exactly where I am at. Can I update my location to be more accurate?

Our Response Centre Operators will confirm your address when they call back within seconds. If it is incorrect you can inform them then. You can also use the chat function with a more accurate description after opening an incident in case you can’t talk.

The phone also periodically sends through refined locations from the GPS during an open incident, in case the first location that was sent through was a little bit inaccurate or you move around after requesting assistance.