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Why does the Namola app require location permissions?

Namola only uses your location in emergency situations. This means that we can locate you in an emergency so that you do not have to waste time telling us where you are. The rest of the time, we’re not locating or tracking you.

What other permissions does the Namola app require?

The Namola app requests permission to send push notifications. This is to allow you to receive text messages with updates from the Response Centre during an incident. Additionally, push notifications are used to alert you of emergencies from your emergency contacts. In order to update your profile picture (so that responders can visually identify you when arriving on scene), the Namola app may also request permission to access your camera or photo gallery. We never access photos or camera except when you choose to take or pick a new profile picture. In order to select and invite your emergency contacts, we require access to your phone address book. We never access your address book except when you’re selecting emergency contacts, we never upload your entire address book to the server, we never store your address book on our servers, and never use it for any purpose other than managing or inviting your selected emergency contacts.

Will Namola drain my phone’s battery?

The Namola app is not active unless you’ve requested assistance or are using the location sharing feature. The app won’t drain your battery if you have it installed and aren’t using it.

Will Namola use all of my data and airtime?

Namola uses a small amount of data when you open the app and request assistance. Namola will not, however, use any of your data in the background. (So please do not log out of Namola while you’re not using the app! You need to be logged in to request assistance, and you want to get to that function as quickly as possible in an emergency.) If you run out of data and airtime, Namola will let you place a free call to 112 to request assistance

If I don’t force close my Namola App it will use all my data

Namola only uses a very small amount of data when you request assistance through the app. Switching your data off will mean that you will not be able to use Namola if you have an emergency. It will take time that you may not have to switch on your data setting to get help with Namola.

If I don’t force close my Namola App it will drain my battery

No it will not. Namola will only use a small amount of battery when you request assistance through the app. . Force closing Namola will mean that it will take a couple of seconds more to open. In an emergency those seconds are very valuable.