Namola Help Guide

Namola Plus

What is Namola Plus?

With Namola Plus, our users still get the same Namola experience as always (our free product stays exactly as it has always been!), but now with the following added benefits:

  • Armed Response
  • Private Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

As a Plus user, Namola will always send Armed Response if you need it or if we can’t get hold of you. We’ll also send Private EMS if you request medical assistance, even if you’re not on medical aid, along with the ability to receive pre-arrival medical advice from our partner’s on-call emergency staff.

What are the response times of Armed Response dispatch? Can I test it?

The response time may vary according to these factors:

  • The location of the incident
  • The time of day it is
  • Categorisation of the incident

But be rest assured it is a FAST response!

We do not test response times as resources are reserved for real emergency situations.

R49/month - App only

Can’t answer your phone? No problem! If you have the Namola Plus version of Namola, we will send Armed Response should you be in a position where you can’t answer your phone. With the Namola Plus version of the app, we will also send you private Medical Response in the case of a medical emergency.

How do I purchase the R49 Plus option:

To subscribe, simply open Namola, tap on the “Shop” tab and pick your plan. The “Namola Plus (app only)” subscription is the second option. All of this is available for R49 a month simply by subscribing to Namola Plus and continuing to use the Namola app on a phone.