Namola Help Guide

Namola Watch

What is Namola Watch and how does it work?

Namola is a free emergency app that over 250,000 South Africans use to get help in emergency situations. In order to respond to these requests for assistance as efficiently as possible, we have built an app for any registered NHW,CPF or any Public or Private service providers with response capabilities to help assist Namola users and ultimately communities in combating crime. This app is called Namola Watch.

Why is the Namola Watch app awesome?

  • It gives you real-time incident information before arriving on scene
  • It gives you real-time location of the incident and navigating capabilities
  • It gives you a communication channel between the person with the emergency, the control centre and other responders
  • It is completely free app for your responders and your existing members
  • It allows you to create an in-app response team for you and your responders

Where can I download the Namola Watch App?

Namola Watch is available on all smartphones. You can download it on your app store or via this link (

How much does the Namola Watch App cost?

We love that you guys want to assist your community in their time of need, so we have made this app completely free.

Sign up information

How can I sign up?

  1. Download the Namola Watch responder app.
  2. Fill in the required information.
  3. Upload your ID/Drivers licence.
  4. Wait for a call.

Who can sign up for Namola Watch?

Anyone that is registered and qualified to assist in an emergency.

What documents do I need to sign up for Namola Watch?

  • A copy of your ID
  • An outlined service area map (preferably in a KML format) or list of suburbs that your organisation services
  • Documents below dependant on the nature of your organisation:

  • Neighbourhood Watch organisation/Patrollers
  • A copy of your NHW constitution.
  • CPF
  • CPF card (with the official squad name)
  • SAPS, Law enforcement, Traffic Officer
  • Appointment card/certificate
  • Armed Response
  • PSIRA card
  • Firearm competency certificate (if registered as Armed Response)
  • Paramedic
  • HPCSA certificate
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Appointment certificate

Why do I need to submit documents to be a Namola Watch responder?

We need to ensure that the responders that we are sending to incidents are accredited and have the necessary skills and training to do what is needed at the scene. The privacy of our users is also of the utmost importance. Due to the fact that the Namola Watch app gives responders sensitive information about an emergency, it is imperative we know who we are sending this information to.

Why do I need an outlined service area map?

Namola Watch ensures that it cuts down the time it takes for a responder to be informed of incidents reported in their response areas. Namola therefore only alerts responders that are relevant to their respective and predetermined service footprint.

How do I create a KML document to send you my outlines service area (geofence)?

Click here to watch a quick tutorial

Creating a response team

How do I create a team?

As a team Admin, you will have the ability to invite other team members. This gives you control over who should in fact be in your team.

Click here to watch a quick tutorial on how to do this

Who has the ability to add team members?

Only team administrator can add members to their team. Administrators also have the ability to upgrade another team member to administrator status.

How can I make someone else a team administrator?

  • Tap on the team screen
  • Tap on the name of the member you wish to make an administrator
  • You will be presented with a pop-up menu giving you the following options:
  • Call
  • SMS
  • Make Admin
  • Remove from Team
  • Tap “Make Admin”

How do I add team members?

To add a team member:

  • Tap on the “Teams” tab in the Namola Watch App
  • Tap on the “Invite” button in the top-right of the team screen
  • You will be given the option to invite someone from their contact list to be part of the team.

Can I belong to multiple teams?

Yes, you are able to join multiple teams. You do however need the admin from the team you wish to join to send you an invite. Alternatively, reach out via WhatsApp on 076 620 5025 for assistance

Can I see where my active team members are?

Yes. Go to the Live Map tab. Please note that you will only see your team members if they have chosen to be visible on their Status screen.

How do I communicate with my team members in the Namola Watch App?

  • Go to your Teams screen (bottom right);
  • Tap on the team you wish to chat with;
  • Start messaging.

How can I hide my location from my team members and still respond to incidents?

On your “Status” screen you need to make sure that the top left button is in colour, while the top right button is greyed out. Ideally you want to be “On Duty” (top left) and “Hidden” (top right).

How to use the app.

When will I receive an incident via the Namola Watch app?

  • When our call centre operators have verified an incident to be real and in-progress.
  • When it matches the predefined response capabilities of a responder team
  • When an incident falls in the predefined geographical boundaries of a responder team

How will I know that there is an incident to respond to?

Your phone is supposed to make a Horn sound and send you a push notification.

What incidents will I receive?

Responders that are relevant to their respective incident and predetermined service footprint will be notified about an incident.

How do I respond to an incident?

After receiving an alert, you will need to “subscribe” to the incident. If you wish to go to the scene then simply click on “Respond & Navigate”.

Can I report an emergency via my Namola Watch App?


  • Tap on the “Incidents” tab
  • At the very bottom, tap on “Describe incident”;
  • Add your incident and location details
  • Select “Send”

How can I change the location of the incident that I am creating?

  • Tap on the “Incidents” tab
  • At the very bottom, tap on “Describe incident”;
  • Click on the map
    • You can either drag the pin to the correct location or you can search for a place or address in the search tab
  • Tap “Pick” in the top right corner to save the location

Can I share an incident reported via the reporting app?

Yes, but we strongly discourage users from taking screenshots. Rather share an incident from within the app using the following steps”

  • Selected your incident
  • Tap the “Share” button in the top right corner.
  • You will be given the option of which app to share this location pin with.

How can a responder access log information after an incident is closed?

  • Go to the “Incident” tab
  • Tap on “Recent”. This is where you see the log information of an incident.

Please be advised that an incident’s log will only be available for 24 hours after an incident was closed. If you need the log of an incident that is no longer available, please send an email with your reason to

What if I do not want to respond to incidents?

  • Tap “Off Duty”
  • When you want to respond to incidents again, simply tap “On Duty”.

I am not getting as many notifications of incidents in my response area as I would like. What should I do?

For responders to receive alerts, their community members need to know about the Namola App and how it works. The more people who are aware of the Namola App and its benefits the more likely they are to use it in an emergency, and in turn an incident for you to respond to.

What’s the easiest way to inform my community about the Namola app?

  • Go to the gear icon in the top-right of this screen of your status tab
  • Select “Tell Your Community”.
  • You will be given the option of apps that you can use to send the Namola App download link. We recommend you send this link and a message encouraging them to download the app in your community’s WhatsApp groups. This will create awareness and ultimately ensure your team get alerts reported by your community members.

You can also tell your community members to use this link to download the Namola app at

I would like to to receive material about Namola to send to my community members.

We have started a WhatsApp group to send you bite-size pieces of content to send to your community about Namola. If you would like to join this group, please send us a WhatsApp on 076 620 5025 and we will add you to the group.


I am not receiving incidents on my Namola Watch app. What should I do?

There are a couple of reasons this may happen:

  • You have been inactive on the app for quite some time
  • Your app version is out of date
  • You have poor network signal.
  • The incident may have been reported outside your team’s response area

Most phones will require their notification settings to be tweaked. We encourage all of our responders to reach out to a Namola Watch representative via email Alternatively send us a WhatsApp enquiry to 076 620 5025.

I am not receiving push notifications for incidents. What should I do?

  • Go to your phone's settings
  • Tap on notification settings
  • Choose Namola Watch
  • Enable push notifications.

The settings options you are presented with may vary. If you are unsure about how to enable push notifications, reach out to the Namola Watch team.

Common Courtesy

Is there anything that I should not do as a responder?

  • Please do not send private services who will charge the user, unless the user or the operator has specifically stated that they are willing to pay for the services (e.g. please do not send ER24 to a scene where the user has no medical aid)

  • Don't share user's’ personal information. Please note that we take our users’ privacy very seriously. It is for this reason that the sharing of incident screenshots are strictly prohibited.

  • Admins are responsible for the conduct of anyone they add

  • Know the risks of responding and be careful. Each Namola Watch member is responding at his/her own risk and can not hold Namola liable for any loss or damages to property.

For any further information you can visit the Namola Watch T’s and C’s