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Stay Safe During Power Cuts: Essential Safety Measures to Take

Power cuts are not uncommon in South Africa, with the term "load shedding" becoming a familiar term in recent years. Load shedding is a controlled power cut, which is implemented by power companies to prevent a total collapse of the power grid. It is a frustrating situation for many South Africans, but it is essential to take appropriate safety measures during these power cuts to minimise the risks and stay safe.

Here are some of our top safety measures to take during load shedding in South Africa.

Stay Informed

Load shedding schedules can change at short notice, and it's essential to stay informed of when and where the power cuts will take place. We would recommend you download the EskomSePush (ESP) mobile app to keep up-to-date with the load shedding schedule for your area and plan accordingly.

Tip: Ensure your Namola app is up to date and your emergency contacts are loaded.

Charge Your Devices

When you know that load shedding is going to occur, ensure that your mobile phone and other essential devices are fully charged. Consider investing in a power bank or a backup charger to keep your devices charged during power cuts.

Tip: Keep your phone charged, and test your Namola app when you do not have power to check your network and response time.

Use Battery-powered Lights

Have a flashlight or battery-powered lights in your home or office. Keep them in easily accessible places so that you can quickly retrieve them in the event of a power cut. Avoid using candles or other open flames, as they can pose a fire hazard.

Turn off your Electrical Appliances

When a power cut occurs, turn off all electrical appliances, including computers, televisions, and other electronics. This will prevent any potential damage to your devices when the power comes back on. Unplug any sensitive electronics like computer systems or modems to avoid damage from power surges when power is restored.

Keep Your Fridge and Freezer Closed

If the load shedding lasts for an extended period, try to keep your fridge and freezer closed to prevent the loss of food items. Keeping the doors closed can maintain the internal temperature for some time, but remember, once the fridge or freezer warms up beyond a certain point, food can spoil rapidly.

Keep a Backup Plan

Have a backup plan in place for essential services, such as medical equipment, during load shedding. If you or someone in your household depends on electrically powered medical equipment, ensure that you have a backup generator or alternative power source to keep the equipment running.

Load shedding is a frustrating situation for many South Africans, but by taking these safety measures, you can minimise the risks and stay safe during power cuts.

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