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Tears Foundation receives Random Act of Kindness from Dis-Chem Foundation

Dis-Chem will help the foundation with a R120,000 donation to help maintain the call centre and whatever else may be needed.

This women's month, the Dis-Chem Foundation and 702 are out to make a difference by helping an organisation that assists women through the Random Act of Kindness campaign.

This month's random act of kindness goes to the Tears Foundation - an organisation that provides a 24-hour free SMS service that identifies the closest centres where women and children impacted by domestic violence or sexual abuse can get help.

Dis-Chem will be assisting the foundation with a R120,000 donation which will help maintain the call centre and whatever else may be needed.

Tears Foundation founder Mara Glennie says she started the foundation given her own experience.

I started Tears Foundation out of my place of hurt, I went to the police station and I couldn't get the help that I needed so I started Tears so that other women don't have to experience that. Mara Glennie, Founder - Tears Foundation
We have a 24-hour free service - it's 1347355#, you can dial it from any phone anywhere in South Africa. There are two services that we offer - we can either identify the nearest counselling facility to you or together with Namola you can get immediate help if you are in a life-threatening situation you can ask for help. Mara Glennie, Founder - Tears Foundation

The Dischem Foundation's Sherry Saltzman says they feel very passionately about the foundation's cause.

What women who are being abused need to realise is that they do have an option of getting out, they just need to find the courage within themselves to make that call and to make the changes and to get away from their abuses. I think what's also important is we need to teach these men how to be the solution to the problem. Sherry Saltzman, Dis-Chem Representative

Listen below for the full interview ...

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