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Win a Takealot voucher worth R2500

Updated: 4 days ago

There is nothing better than knowing that you have access to safety, whenever you need it and wherever you are, all at the touch of a button.

With Namola Plus, you can request immediate emergency response if you are in a safety or medical crisis for as little as R59 per month.

To enter our competition?

1. Snap a cool picture using the Namola App / with Namola’s QR code

2. Post the picture to your IG story and/or as a post on your preferred social media platform

3. Use the caption “I’m safe in (X location) thanks to the @namola_app”

4. Tag and Follow @namola_app 

5. Coolest pic wins

BONUS: If you win and have an active subscription with Namola Plus, we will double the value of the prize!

The competition will run until 31st January 2023.

You can take a picture showing the Namola App on your phone / showing the Namola QR code on your phone, or by printing out our QR code below, and showing it in your picture.


Terms and Conditions

1) You must post the photo on your social media and tag Namola to be selected as a participant.

2) There is no limit to the number of images you post.

3) The winner will be announced between 1-7 Feb 2023.

4) You must follow and tag Namola in your posts

5) If your profile is private, you must show us what you have posted by sending us a picture of your post when you post.

6) Instagram / Facebook / Takealot is in no part affiliated with these prizes and has not sponsored, endorsed, or administered it.

7) We will not message you as an entry participant from another account.

8) We will not ask you for any personal information, to pay, to join any groups, or to click on any links to be considered a prize winner.

9) Namola will not participate or be held liable for any damages caused should you choose to participate irresponsibly.

10) Namola will not consider you as a participant should you choose to participate irresponsibly.

**All entry participants will be entered into a draw.

The top ten images will be selected and posted by our internal team. We will then let the community decide on the best picture based on the most voted/liked image.

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