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Family Safety feature

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Let me tell you a quick story. My spouse has this uncanny ability to never be able to answer his phone. On top of all of this, he thinks (and let’s be honest this is probably why he married me) that I have super-human powers. These powers allow me to see that he has left work gone to the gym, popped in to see his mother or (and this is my personal favourite) meet him for a drink after work at our local. We have 6 locals. I cannot tell you how this new feature is going to change my life.

New Dialdirect Namola feature: Family Safety

Dialdirect Namola’s new feature, aptly called Family Safety, now gives you and your loved ones extra peace-of-mind, knowing whether they are safe at all times. With Namola’s emergency contacts, you could and still can add friends or family members that Namola would notify if you requested assistance through the app in the event of an emergency.

The Family Safety feature, however, has taken this to a whole different (superpower) level and allows you to permanently share your location with your nearest and dearest. Like me and my husband, we all have that time where it would be so valuable to know where your loved ones are. Whether it’s wanting to know that they get home safely after a late dinner party, or that their exercise route has not gone worryingly off course. It could be a loved one driving a considerable distance or a child old enough to be independent, but young enough for you to worry (are they ever old enough?). By them being able to share their location with you, and you with them, Family Safety gives everyone the peace-of-mind to know they are safe, and the power to have information at hand should you need to help them out.

Receive real-time notifications

As if that isn’t enough, Family Safety also gives you the option to receive real-time notifications when loved ones leave or arrive at a location. No need to remember to call your loved one to see that they have arrived safely home.

We know exactly what you’re thinking: “I don’t want just everyone to be able to see me, that’s kind of creepy?” We agree, super creeps, and so with Family Safety, we put the control in your hands. It is totally up to you to decide with whom and for how long you would like someone to know where you are.

Get peace-of-mind

So as we head into the silly season, have the peace-of-mind to know whether your loved ones are safe (with some really great safety tips below) and add your clan to Family Safety.

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