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Safe, Aware and Connected

As a key safety feature within the Namola App, Namola Communities is a safe space where you can:

  • Connect with members of your community

  • Receive safety alerts

  • Stay aware and updated on any suspicious behaviour

  • Share emergencies

  • Filter content and engage at your convenience

Read more about how to start your own community. This could be a runners community, a residential community, or even a school community.

How to search for your nearest Namola Community

  1. Open your Namola App

  2. Tap on the Safety News Feed

  3. Tap on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner

  4. Tap "Suggested Communities"

  5. This will bring up all the Namola Communities near to you. Tap to join.

You can also read more here on joining a Namola Community

Watch and listen to what Altaf Khan, a community leader, has to say about using the Namola Community


Namola Plus gives you access to Armed Response and Private Medical Response anywhere you are. Download the Namola app for free here.

Upgrade your plan to Namola plus, and get the first month for FREE. Simply tap the N+ tab in your app and choose a plan that suits you and the needs of your loved ones.

If you have any questions about the Namola app, tap your "SOS" button and select "Test" to speak to the operator on the other end of the line.

Namola Plus Plans

Individual Plan (1 user) - R59 per month or R 649 per annum

Couples Plan (2 users) - R 99 per month or R999 per annum

Family Plan (Up to 5 users) - R129 per month or R 1299 per annum

Get up to 50% off when you add a Namola Plus subscription to your DStv bill. Find out more here

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Jun 14

Safe, Aware and Connected are the decisive factors for success and efficiency at work. doodle baseball


Ann Green
Ann Green
Jun 13

Namola Plus is an easy-to-use application that allows users to use it for free anytime they want.

geometry dash subzero


Thanks for outlining the different Namola Plus plans and their respective pricing. It's helpful to have options catered to individual preferences and family sizes. snake game

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