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5 things you should always carry with you when driving

1) Your phone with your Namola Plus subscription

With the free version of Namola your response will come from public emergency responders, who are inundated with emergencies around the country and can't always get to you in a timeous manner. With Namola Plus you have access to a wide network of Armed Responders, who will be dispatched to your location even if you are unable to answer your phone.

Sign up, and TEST Namola Plus before your trip to ensure you are familiar with the app and its features. The first month is FREE

2) Your driver's license

Ensure you have your driver's license and license disk renewed before you start your trip. Should you be in an accident and these are not renewed, your insurance might not cover you.

3) Your vehicle insurance contact number and details

Write down your policy number and insurance contact number to have on hand should you be in an emergency crisis. Remember if you have Namola Plus on your phone, you can call for assistance should you ever feel unsafe while waiting for your roadside assistance.

4) Your medical aid card and ID Document

Keep your medical aid card and ID Document available should someone need to find them and identify you in the case of an emergency. Also, keep your emergency contact details on hand.

Remember if you have the Namola App, you can add these details in your app too for when you request help.

5) Your car safety essentials

Ensure you have all your equipment available should you be in a car accident. These include a spare tyre, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, the correct tools to change a tyre, rope, a triangle and a phone charging cable.

It is always recommended to check your tyres, lights, oil, and water prior to any road trip.

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