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Namola is free to use and free to download, so why would you pay for Namola Plus?

Picture this: You are in an emergency away from your home with no close friends or family nearby, unsure of the street name, and without any emergency numbers saved on your phone.

But: You remember you have downloaded the Namola mobile safety app, so you open the app and press the "SOS" button and log an incident. Now you wait for a response...

Which type of response would you prefer?

Namola Free - The Namola operator calls you back to verify your emergency and sends a notification to the SAPS, public ambulance, or public fire department to attend to your emergency. However, due to their high volume of calls, they may be lacking resources and may be delayed, or unable to attend to your emergency due to your priority status. Namola cannot confirm how long they will take to get to you, but we stay on the line to try and keep you calm.

Namola Plus - The Namola operator has received your SOS and has immediately notified the private security, ER24, or the fire department that you need assistance. They call you back to check on your emergency and confirm your location. The operator will stay on the line with you to talk you through your emergency and communicate how far away the response team is from your location. You can expect help to arrive within 4-10 minutes, depending on your location.

Please note that if you do not answer your phone after logging an incident on Namola Plus, we will dispatch private emergency response services straight to your location.

That's where Namola Plus comes into play.

We all know that you can access armed responders if you have an alarm system installed in your house. But what happens if something else goes wrong, such as needing assistance outside of your home, having a fire emergency, experiencing a medical emergency, or generally feeling unsafe?

Download the Namola app for free here. Upgrade your plan to Namola plus, and get the first month for FREE.

Simply tap the N+ tab in your app and choose a plan that suits you and the needs of your loved ones. If you have any questions about the Namola app, tap your "SOS" button and select "Test" to speak to the operator on the other end of the line.

Namola Plus Plans

Individual Plan (1 user) - R59 per month or R 649 per annum

Couples Plan (2 users) - R 99 per month or R999 per annum

Family Plan (Up to 5 users) - R129 per month or R 1299 per annum

Get up to 50% off when you add a Namola Plus subscription to your DStv bill. Find out more here

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