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Cape Town Tourism partners with Namola safety app to keep visitors safe

“Travellers and locals now know that while they are out and about in Cape Town they have quick access to an emergency operator to get help should they need it.”

- CEO of Cape Town Tourism Enver Duminy.

Namola pinpoints your exact location when in an emergency situation, which is by far is one of the best reasons for visitors, who are unfamiliar with the area that they are visiting, to download the app.

If you are worried about your loved one travelling, Smart Alerts which have been built into the new version of the Namola app solve your problem. You can now stay in the know about the whereabouts of your loved ones, and receive notifications when they leave or arrive safely.

“We congratulate Namola on their new partnership with Cape Town Tourism to safeguard our citizens and visitors. Spier has been using their technology for our team members and have been consistently impressed by their services. Knowing that assistance for our team, and now also our visitors, is always available gives us great re-assurance.”

- Joep Schoof, General Manager of Spier Hotel & Leisure

If you know of a loved one that is travelling now that leisure travel has been reinstated, make sure that they have downloaded the Namola App and added you to their list of trusted loved ones.

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