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Lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

At the Dialdirect Namola emergency response centre, the operators have come to realise that emergencies come in all shapes and forms. The reality, however, is that threatening situations are usually caused by humans — and every now and then by a rogue snake that has found its way into the house of one of our users. But when Sathi, a tour guide from KZN, found himself in an emergency with two elderly tourists, humans (and snakes!) were the least of his worries.

Part of the road had been washed away 

“I was doing a guided tour through a game reserve in KZN during the terrible rains. Unfortunately, part of the road had been washed away and we found ourselves completely stuck in the mud,” says Sathi. “It wasn’t like I could ask my tourists to get out and push, who knew what was behind the next corner – a hungry lion or angry buffalo.”

Sathi tried to call the main lodge to get someone to come out and help him, but the reception was bad and he was unable to call out.

Sathi had made use of the app months earlier

Sathi was starting to get slightly worried; the reserve was a big place and it was anyone’s guess when someone would stumble upon them. It was then, like a bright lightbulb in the comics, that Sathi remembered that he had the Dialdirect Namola App on his phone. Sathi had used the Dialdirect Namola App a couple of months earlier, with much success, when his friend had an intruder on her property and she was struggling to get through to the police.

“They were so helpful last time, so I hoped for the best and requested assistance through the app,” says Sathi. “They didn’t disappoint this time either.”

At Dialdirect Namola, we always make a plan.

The call came through and the response centre operator got to work trying to get hold of the lodge. Unfortunately, because of the rains, all landline phones were down. This, however, did not deter the operator who then googled about booking a night at this game lodge and got through to a sales company in Johannesburg. After a succession of different calls, the operator managed to get through to the head guide on duty, who went to the aid of Sathi and his clients. At Dialdirect Namola, we always make a plan

“I am so grateful to the Dialdirect Namola operator who assisted me in my time of need. Everyone should have this app on their phone.”

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