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Namola 8.4 is here with some cool new features

23 June 2021

Namola has just released the latest version of the app which is available for download from your app store. Namola 8.4 brings the following changes to the app:

Notification bell:

Namola has introduced a notification bell on the top right corner of the Safety News Feed to help you manage your notifications.

Tap "Mark all" to mark all your notifications on your Safety News Feed as "read".

Changing your own location

With Namola 8.4 you can change the location of your incident if you are reporting on behalf of someone else, or if the incident is taking place at a different location to the one your phone is at.

Leaving or muting a community shortcut

It's now easier than ever to mute (i.e. not receive alerts about the post's from certain communities) or leave (not receive the post's from certain communities at all).

The ability to @mention other commenters in Newsfeed comments.

You can now tag people who have commented before you in a specific thread in the comment section of the News Feed Card. So if you commented before "John Doe" on a post, you can "@John Doe" when you reply later. But if "John Doe" hasn't said anything on the post, you will not be able to "@John Doe".

You can therefore use @mentions to reply to users but you can't use @mentions as a way to tag someone who wasn't active in the thread.

The Apple Watch complication

Please note that if you did have the Apple Watch Complication for Namola, that this is no longer available.

Download the latest version of Namola (Namola 8.4) from your app store now.

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