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Who will help me when I tap the SOS button in an emergency?

When you tap the SOS button in your Namola App, in addition to receiving a call from the Namola Response Centre, you can also share your emergency with:

  • Your trusted loved ones with whom you are sharing your location.

Read more here on sharing your location with your loved one and how to activate Smart Alerts, which are automatic "text me when you get home" messages.

  • Your Community by choosing to share your SOS alerts with communities you have joined.

A Namola Community is a safe space within the Namola App, where community members can share their emergencies, post about suspicious behaviour, receive safety alerts, and help out members of your community.

You can read more about Namola Communities here or if you are already part of a community in your area, read more on sending and receiving SOS alerts from your community here.

  • Nearby Armed Responders by upgrading to Namola Plus in the N+ tab

By upgrading to Namola Plus, you can get Armed Response anywhere, anytime in an emergency or if you are unable to answer your phone. Namola has a variety of Namola Plus plans to suit your needs. Simply tap the N+ tab inside your Namola App to upgrade or read more about Namola Plus here.

Incidents created as “Sensitive” incidents are not shared with anyone except the Namola Response Centre.

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