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If you don't have Namola, you are behind.

Isaac Mashele, a victim of crime in South Africa, shares his experience using the Namola App.

Isaac was at home one evening when he heard his neighbour screaming for help. He knew she was in danger, and thought quickly to grab his phone and press the SOS button in the Namola app to call for help.

An operator from Namola called back within a matter of seconds. They stayed on the line with him, and advised him on how to stay safe while they assist in getting an armed security response to his location. Within 5 minutes, there were three armed security vehicles at his gate.

Isaac and his neighbour managed to get help before anyone was harmed.

"If you don't have Namola, you are behind. The Namola app is here to help you."

Watch the full story below.

Namola Plus is the best way to keep you and your family safe, and get fast and reliable emergency response anytime and anywhere in South Africa.

Start by downloading the Namola App Plus (N+) for safety, with access to private security and medical emergency response for you and your family.

How does it work?

1. Download the Namola safety app on your phone here

2. Create your profile and set up all your features such as shared location, smart alerts, and emergency contacts.

3. Test your app to see if it works by clicking SOS and Test. Please answer the call when the Namola operator calls you, and tell them it is a test.

4. Upgrade your plan to Namola Plus by clicking on the N+ next to the SOS button and get your first month free.

5. Check out the communities in-app for your area, with access to security alerts and updates.

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Note the difference between Namola free and Namola plus here

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